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10231 S. Rock Rd.
Mulvane, Kansas, 67110

(316) 777-4283

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Mon: 8-11:00am, 1:30-5pm
Tue: 8-11:00am, 1:30-5pm
Wed: 8-11:00am, 1:30-5pm
Thur: 8 am – 11 am
Fri: 8-11:00am, 1:30-5pm
Sat: 8-11:00am, Closed every 4th Saturday & Holiday Weekends
Sun: Closed

*no doctor in the afternoon on Thursdays

Closed every 4th Saturday and Holiday weekends

Closed Sat. July 2nd & Mon. July 4th

4th Saturday closures 2022
June 25th
July 23rd
August 28th
September 24th
October 22nd
November 26th
December 24th